Video Production

More often people know me through my photography work but Video is where I got my start.

Here are a few videos I’ve enjoyed producing over the last few years.
If you’d like to get in touch to chat about a video or a project you’re working on just drop me a line to or use the Contact Page.

Engineering Expo 2016 by Conor Doherty

Computing @ IT Sligo with CORA Systems by Conor Doherty

Sligo St. Patricks Day Parade 2016 by Conor Doherty

Student Showcase Highlights at Engineering Expo by Conor Doherty

The Mature student experience at IT Sligo in the Students own words. By Conor Doherty

Passion for Engineering “Women excel in Engineering” by Conor Doherty

Promo for Sligo Landscape Photography

Short form Informational video about IT Sligos Precision Engineering & Design Degree by Conor Doherty

Director of Photography and Camera Operator – Conor Doherty

Electronic Engineering at IT Sligo by Conor Doherty

Just two Dogs having fun by Conor Doherty

Promo for FAINT by Conor Doherty

Music Video Directed, Prodced and Edited by Conor Doherty

Directing camera operator on the set of Music Video